Arby'S Happy Hour 2018

Arby’S Happy Hour 2018

Arby’s does not currently have a Happy Hour in 2018. However, they have various limited-time promotions and discounts throughout the year.

Arby’s is a fast-food chain specializing in roast beef sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, curly fries, and mozzarella sticks, among other items. They are well-known for their delicious sandwiches and unique sauces such as the Horsey Sauce and Arby’s Sauce. In the past, Arby’s has offered a Happy Hour menu with discounted prices on select menu items at specific times, usually from 2-5 PM on weekdays.

Although this promotion may not be currently available, customers can still enjoy the various menu items Arby’s has to offer.

Discontinued Menu Items

Arby’s Happy Hour 2018 may have featured some discontinued menu items, such as the Homestyle Fries, Super Roast Beef Sandwich, and the Jamocha Shake. Regardless, Arby’s classic roast beef sandwich remains a nutritious option. As for the details of Arby’s Happy Hour, the menu and times may vary depending on location.

Arby’s Discontinued Menu Items
The Homestyle Fries
The Super Roast Beef Sandwich
The Sourdough Melts
The Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich
The Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic
The Jamocha Shake
The Deluxe Bacon Cheddar Sandwich
The Arby-Q
Arby’s has discontinued numerous menu items over the years, which may leave some customers feeling nostalgic for their favorite meal. Some of the best-discontinued menu items from Arby’s include the Homestyle Fries which were thick-cut and seasoned to perfection. The Super Roast Beef Sandwich which was a classic sandwich featuring the slow-roasted roast beef. The Sourdough Melts which were a delicious blend of sourdough bread, melted Swiss cheese, and juicy roast beef. The Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich which was a refreshing choice, especially in the summer. The Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic which was a juicy roast beef sandwich smothered in cheese sauce. The Jamocha Shake was a delicious shake with hints of coffee and chocolate. Lastly, the Deluxe Bacon Cheddar Sandwich which was a delicious sandwich filled with crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, and roast beef. Although these menu items have been discontinued, they are still remembered fondly by many Arby’s fans.

Healthy Meal Choices

Looking for healthy meal choices at Arby’s Happy Hour in 2018? The classic roast beef sandwich is your best bet, accompanied by a healthy beverage and a side salad, for a smart meal choice. Be sure to check out the limited-time specials, such as the Smokehouse beef short rib sandwich.

When it comes to making healthy meal choices at Arby’s, the classic roast beef sandwich is the most nutritious main menu item. To make it a smart meal choice, accompany it with a healthy beverage and a side salad. Unfortunately, Arby’s Happy Hour is not currently available, and its previous menu items have been discontinued. It may be disappointing, but there are still plenty of healthy options available at Arby’s. This includes delicious salads, which are a great choice as a side option. Opt for water, unsweetened tea, or black coffee instead of soda or shakes to make your meal even healthier. Remember to always be mindful of portion sizes and avoid high-calorie or high-fat toppings.

The Happy Hour Menu

Arby’s Happy Hour 2018 offers a wide variety of discounted menu items from 2-5 PM. Customers can enjoy value deals on famous sandwiches, sides, and beverages.

Arby’s Happy Hour is a great time to indulge in some delicious food without breaking the bank. During happy hour, customers can enjoy discounted prices on selected menu items. The exact menu items available during happy hour and the timing varies by location. Some previous happy hour items include sliders, curly fries, mozzarella sticks, and soft drinks. Happy hour usually starts in the late afternoon and lasts for a few hours. However, it is important to note that happy hour may only be available on weekdays at some locations. We recommend checking with your local Arby’s to confirm the happy hour timing and menu items. Regardless, happy hour is still a great way to enjoy some tasty food and save some money.
Arby'S Happy Hour 2018


Popular Items On The Menu

Arby’s Happy Hour 2018 offers a variety of popular items on the menu from 2-5 pm at discounted prices, including the classic roast beef sandwich and the jamocha shake. Enjoy a smart meal choice accompanied by a healthy beverage and a side salad.

Popular Items on the Menu
Arby’s beef short rib sandwich Chain Reaction:
The Jamocha shake What all is on the Happy Hour menu?
The Deluxe Bacon Cheddar Sandwich RIP Small shake on Arby’s Happy Hour
The Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic Arby’s happy hour is not bad
Arby’s is renowned for the quality of their beef and their menu has several unforgettable items. The beef short rib sandwich, served with crispy onions, barbecue sauce, and melty cheddar cheese, is a current limited-time special. The Jamocha shake is a classic item on the menu that blends coffee and chocolate flavors to create a heavenly dessert drink. The Deluxe Bacon Cheddar Sandwich is another delicious classic packed with smoky bacon and tangy cheddar cheese. Finally, the Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic is a sandwich with roast beef, cheddar cheese sauce, and Red Ranch sauce. All of these items are worth giving a try when at Arby’s.

Customer Reviews

Arby’s Happy Hour Menu: 2-5pm on weekdays
  • Slider: $1.50
  • Snack-size curly fries: $1
  • Small drink: $1
  • Mozzarella sticks: $1

Arby’s Happy Hour is a popular attraction for many fast food lovers. Reddit users have given mixed reviews about it. Some have claimed that their happy hour prices apply only on weekdays, while others have reported enjoying the discounts over the weekend as well.

Another popular fast food blogger, The Saboscrivner, has reviewed Arby’s Happy Hour and recommended trying their sliders, which are a steal at $1.50 each. However, at one point in time, Arby’s had discontinued some of their delicious menu items like the Super Roast Beef Sandwich and the Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Despite this, one can still explore some of the healthier options like the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich. Accompanied by a salad and a healthy beverage, it makes for a smart meal choice.

Arby'S Happy Hour 2018


Arby'S Happy Hour 2018


Frequently Asked Questions On Arby’s Happy Hour 2018

What Menu Items Did Arby’s Get Rid Of?

Arby’s got rid of several menu items including Homestyle Fries, Super Roast Beef Sandwich, Sourdough Melts, Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich, Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic, Jamocha Shake, Deluxe Bacon Cheddar Sandwich, and Arby-Q.

What Is The Healthiest Sandwich At Arby’s?

Arby’s classic roast beef sandwich is the healthiest sandwich on the menu. Opt for a side salad and a healthy beverage for a smart meal choice.

What Time Is Arby’s Happy Hour?

Happy Hour at Arby’s typically occurs from 2 PM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

What Is Included On Arby’s Happy Hour Menu?

Arby’s Happy Hour menu includes sliders, fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, shakes and certain drinks.


Arby’s Happy Hour 2018 offers great deals on menu items, making it a perfect time to visit your nearest Arby’s location. With delicious food options and pocket-friendly prices, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Remember to check out the limited-time specials, such as the Smokehouse beef short rib sandwich, for a unique and tasty treat.

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or a snack on your way home, Arby’s Happy Hour has got you covered. So, head over to your local Arby’s and treat yourself to a tasty meal at an affordable price.

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