How Much is Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet on Sunday: Feast for Less!

As of 2023, Shoney’s breakfast buffet on Sunday typically costs between $7.99 and $14.99. Prices may vary depending on location and local promotions.

Shoney’s has long been a staple for American families looking for an affordable, yet satisfying dining experience. Their breakfast buffet is especially popular, offering a range of options from classic breakfast staples to regional favorites. You can indulge in a variety of items, including scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and more.

It’s a go-to spot for those who want to kick off their Sunday with an all-you-can-eat meal without breaking the bank. Remember that local franchise decisions and time-limited offers might result in different pricing, so it’s always wise to check with your local Shoney’s for the most accurate pricing information.

Introduction To Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet tempts with a variety of morning favorites. Picture fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and fresh fruit among the offerings. Guests revel in the myriad of choices available. The buffet stands as a testament to Shoney’s commitment to delicious, hearty meals.

The brand traces its roots back to 1947. What started as a single drive-in restaurant has grown into a respected chain. Over the years, Shoney’s has evolved, but its focus on quality food and customer satisfaction remains steadfast.

Buffet breakfasts hold a special charm. They offer not just assorted dishes, but a freedom to indulge in as many or as few as you wish. For many, the buffet at Shoney’s is the highlight of a lazy Sunday morning—a place to gather, eat, and enjoy without the rush.

How Much is Shoney's Breakfast Buffet on Sunday: Feast for Less!

Shoney’s Sunday Breakfast Spread

Shoney’s Sunday Breakfast doesn’t skimp on variety. All-you-can-eat lovers rejoice at the sight of fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and scrambled eggs. Fresh fruit, wholesome oatmeal, and an array of breads also grace the table. You’ll find sausages, hash browns, and gourmet coffee too.

Each region may bring its unique dishes to the feast. Local tastes shape the offerings, ensuring a special twist. Sundays could feature seasonal fruits or regional specialties. It’s a perfect plan for family breakfasts or a lazy Sunday meal.

Pricing Details For The Sunday Buffet

The Sunday breakfast buffet at Shoney’s offers tasty food for the whole family. Adults can enjoy the buffet for $12.99, while kids aged 4 to 10 eat for only $6.99. Little ones under 4 eat free with an adult purchase.

Price comparison shows Sunday rates might be higher than other weekdays. This is due to the special items available on Sunday. Remember, these prices can change. Visit local Shoney’s for the most current pricing information.

Additional rows can be added for other days for comparison if needed

Day Adults Kids (4-10) Kids (<4)
Sunday $12.99 $6.99 Free

Accessing Discounts And Deals

Shoney’s breakfast buffet invites families for a delicious start to their Sunday. Dining costs can be reduced significantly by utilizing loyalty programs and coupons, which Shoney’s offers.

Members of these programs may receive exclusive discounts or even special prices. Look out for online coupons for additional money-saving opportunities.

Group gatherings and events can benefit from special offers provided by Shoney’s. Special rates may apply for large parties. Check beforehand or speak with a manager to learn about possible discounts for group events.

Health And Nutrition At The Buffet

Visiting the Shoney’s breakfast buffet on Sunday can be a treat. It’s important to choose wisely to stay healthy. Look for fruit, whole grains, and protein to start your day right.

Labeled nutritional information helps in making informed choices. Aim for a balance between indulgence and health. Opting for eggs, yogurt, and oatmeal can offer a nourishing meal. Keep an eye on sugar and fat levels.

Food Item Calories Protein
Scrambled Eggs 140 12g
Whole Wheat Toast 80 3g
Fresh Fruit 60 1g
How Much is Shoney's Breakfast Buffet on Sunday: Feast for Less!

Tips For Enjoying The Buffet

To maximize your Shoney’s breakfast buffet experience on Sunday, consider arriving early. An early visit often means fresher food and shorter lines. Aim for opening time to enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

Trying a little of everything is the key to enjoy the buffet. Plan to use a small plate and take just a bite or two of each dish. This strategy helps you to taste the full range without getting too full too quickly.

Remember that the popular items may run out later in the day. Grab those first to ensure you don’t miss out.

Shoney’s Atmosphere And Service

Shoney’s welcomes everyone with a family-friendly setting. Bright spaces ensure a comfortable mealtime. The decor balances casual comfort with a touch of nostalgia. Little guests get special attention that parents appreciate. Dining becomes a hassle-free experience, enabling family bonding.

The staff at Shoney’s is known for their warmth and prompt service. Every server works hard to provide a smooth, enjoyable dining experience. They are attentive to needs, from refilling drinks to offering menu recommendations. Families leave with a smile, thanks to the team’s dedication and efficiency.

Comparative Buffet Experiences

The Sunday breakfast buffet at Shoney’s often presents a delicious variety of morning favorites. Many families find Shoney’s pricing to be moderately reasonable, offering a balance between cost and choice. Comparing Shoney’s to its competitors, the value shines in its wide selection and family-friendly atmosphere. Other buffets might have similar or lower prices yet could lack in quality or variety. Guests appreciate Shoney’s for consistent and fresh offerings. The precise cost can vary by location. Always check for the most current pricing.

Those seeking lighter options or specific dietary needs might prefer cafes with à la carte menus. These places could offer better customization but might not match the all-you-can-eat appeal of Shoney’s. Always consider personal preferences and appetite before deciding on a breakfast destination.

The Future Of Shoney’s And Its Buffet

Shoney’s Sunday breakfast buffet often delights guests with its variety. The pricing is subject to change, but typically it hovers around $7.99 to $14.99 per person. This range depends on location and promotions. Guests can savor classic breakfast items alongside seasonal specialties.

Shoney’s keeps updating its menu to create exciting dining experiences. They include fresh, new dishes and sometimes healthy, organic options. These steps reflect the brand’s commitment to staying current and satisfying diverse tastes. The buffet is a draw for families and individuals seeking both quality and value.

How Much is Shoney's Breakfast Buffet on Sunday: Feast for Less!

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Is Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet On Sunday

What Is Shoney’s Sunday Breakfast Buffet Price?

Shoney’s Sunday breakfast buffet varies by location. Typically, the price ranges between $8 to $15 per person. Please check with your local Shoney’s for the most accurate pricing.

Does Shoney’s Offer Discounts On Their Breakfast Buffet?

Yes, Shoney’s sometimes offers discounts for seniors, military personnel, and children. It’s best to contact the local restaurant for current promotions.

What Time Does Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Start On Sunday?

Shoney’s Sunday breakfast buffet usually starts at 8 am. However, hours can vary by location, so it’s a good idea to confirm with the Shoney’s you plan to visit.

Can You Reserve A Table For Shoney’s Sunday Breakfast Buffet?

Reservations policies vary by location. While walk-ins are common, some Shoney’s restaurants may accept reservations, especially for larger groups. Call your local Shoney’s to inquire.


Wrapping up, Shoney’s breakfast buffet on Sundays offers great value for the price. It’s a feast for anyone seeking variety and quality. Remember, prices can vary by location, so a quick call ahead can save any surprises. Enjoy your hearty breakfast!


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