Shoney’s Buffet Schedule: Feast Timings Unveiled!

Shoney’s buffet schedule typically includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. Times may vary by location, so it’s essential to check with your local Shoney’s restaurant.

Dining at Shoney’s offers a journey into classic American comfort food, with its buffet renowned for both variety and value. This family-friendly eatery has been a beloved institution for decades, known for its warm hospitality and hearty meals. Whether you’re in the mood for a sunrise breakfast laden with indulgent favorites or looking to enjoy a diverse selection of lunch and dinner options, Shoney’s caters to every appetite.

With sustainability in mind, their buffet schedule is designed to meet customer demands while reducing food waste, solidifying Shoney’s commitment to both quality dining and environmental consciousness. Remember to confirm the specific buffet hours at your nearest Shoney’s location, as times can vary and may be subject to change on holidays or special occasions.

Feasting At Shoney’s: The Buffet Tradition

Shoney’s stands as a staple in American dining, renowned for its hearty buffet. With roots stretching back over 70 years, this iconic brand has secured a special place in the hearts of families seeking a bumper meal. Guests indulge in a variety of dishes, symbolizing the rich buffet culture that thrives across the nation.

Its spread includes breakfast classics, signature lunch options, and dinner specialties. The ambiance evokes nostalgia, reminding patrons of bygone days when buffets were a novel experience. Every visit to Shoney’s promises not just a meal, but a slice of American culinary history.

Shoney's Buffet Schedule: Feast Timings Unveiled!

Unwrapping Shoney’s Buffet Schedule

Shoney’s Buffet offers an array of tasty dishes throughout the week.

Monday to Friday, the buffet opens at 11 AM and closes at 9 PM.

  • Saturday and Sunday bring more joy with extended hours.
  • Start your weekend feast from breakfast at 8 AM.
  • Indulge until 10 PM to savor all your favorites.

Weekend diners get extra time to enjoy made-to-order omelets and waffles.

Morning Freshness: Breakfast Buffet Spread

Early risers delight in Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet, available daily. Guests savor a variety of morning treats to kickstart the day.

The spread includes fluffy pancakes, fresh fruit, and steaming hot coffee. For those preferring lighter fare, the continental options offer baked goods and cereals. Full American choices feature eggs, meats, and potatoes. Each dish caters to a range of tastes and preferences, ensuring a perfect start to the morning.

Afternoon Escapes: Lunch Buffet Varieties

  • Shoney’s Buffet beckons with an array of local favorites.
  • Guests delight in southern comfort dishes alongside seasonal specials.
  • Our salad bar showcases fresh, healthy options.
  • Overflowing with crisp vegetables and nutritious toppings.
  • Each visit promises a new lunch buffet adventure.
  • Both hearty eaters and health-conscious diners find satisfaction.
  • Come explore Shoney’s delightful midday spread.

Evening Indulgences: Dinner Buffet Choices

Indulge in Shoney’s Dinner Buffet for an evening of culinary delights. Relish hearty entrees, fresh seafood options, and delectable desserts. Each dish is meticulously prepared to tantalize your taste buds.

Tuesdays feature the Southern-Style Barbecue, while Thursdays celebrate Italian cuisine. The weekend brings a seafood extravaganza, perfect for fish lovers. Make sure to visit on Fridays for the ever-popular Prime Rib Night. Gather family and friends for a night to remember at Shoney’s.

Day Theme
Tuesday Southern-Style Barbecue
Thursday Italian Feast
Friday Prime Rib Night
Saturday & Sunday Seafood Extravaganza

Sunday Specials: Brunch And Beyond

Sundays at Shoney’s are for families and food lovers alike. The buffet transforms for the special day. Your morning starts with golden waffles, fluffy pancakes, and eggs just the way you like them. Bacon and sausages sizzle, calling all hungry bellies.

Don’t forget the fresh fruit selection and the smoothie station for a healthy twist. Kids cheer for the chocolate fountain, with marshmallows and fruit for dipping.

Evening brings different flavors. The dinner spread includes roast beef, grilled chicken, and seafood dishes. Seasonal vegetables and salad bars offer a fresh balance. Desserts are rich and varied, with pies, cakes, and ice-cream sundaes.

Navigating The Buffet: Tips And Tricks

Visiting Shoney’s Buffet? Keep these smart plate strategies in mind. Survey the buffet before grabbing a plate. Decide what you really want to eat. Pick a variety of colors and textures for a balanced meal. Start with small portions to enjoy different flavors.

To avoid food wastage, take only what you can eat. Remember, you can always go back for seconds. Respect the food and others by not overfilling your plate. Better to taste first, then decide if you want more. Enjoy your meal without leaving behind waste!

Pricing And Value: Making The Most Of Your Visit

Enjoying a meal at Shoney’s Buffet doesn’t have to break the bank. Adults typically pay between $7.99 to $11.99. Prices may vary by location and time. Children’s buffet costs less, making it a family-friendly option.

Special discounts can help diners save. Seniors receive price reductions, and there are often coupons available online. Military personnel and emergency responders benefit from discounts too. Keep an eye on local advertisements for occasional deals.

Health And Safety Measures

  • Shoney’s Buffet places a high priority on your well-being.
  • Strict hygiene protocols are always in play for guest safety.
  • Employees must wash hands frequently and wear gloves. All surfaces get cleaned often.
  • Guests will find hand sanitizers throughout the buffet area.
  • Food safety is key, with staff trained in proper food handling.
  • Regarding dietary needs, options are clearly labeled.
  • Look for signs indicating vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free dishes.
  • For allergy concerns, ask a staff member – they’re knowledgeable and ready to help.
Shoney's Buffet Schedule: Feast Timings Unveiled!

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Guests love Shoney’s variety and taste. Many rave about the fresh salad bar and homestyle meals. Patrons often highlight the friendly service and family-friendly atmosphere which makes dining delightful. They frequently recommend Sunday brunch as a must-try. Positive words about the dessert options also emerge.

Shoney’s listens to feedback. They strive for satisfaction. When guests point out issues, Shoney’s works hard to improve. This can mean updating recipes or training staff for better service. They are committed to an excellent dining experience. This shows through their continuous efforts to enhance quality and service.

Future Of Shoney’s Buffet

Shoney’s Buffet constantly adapts to delight diners. Technology plays a crucial role in updating their service and menu selections. Expect digital menus and kiosks for a personalized dining experience.

New dishes will feature fresh, local ingredients. This approach aims to keep the buffet exciting and draw in customers who seek variety. Environmental concerns will reshape the buffet, with a focus on sustainability.

Table headerFirst rowSecond rowThird row

Buffet Innovation Description
Interactive Menus Touch screens to customize meals.
Seasonally Fresh Items Dishes that change with the seasons.
Eco-Friendly Practices Reducing waste to help our planet.
Shoney's Buffet Schedule: Feast Timings Unveiled!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Shoney’s Buffet Schedule

What Are Shoney’s Buffet Hours Of Operation?

Most Shoney’s buffet locations open from 11 AM to 9 PM. However, hours can vary by location. It’s best to check the local Shoney’s for specific hours.

Does Shoney’s Serve Breakfast Buffet Every Day?

Shoney’s typically offers a breakfast buffet, but availability depends on location. Some may offer it daily, while others only on weekends. Contact your nearest Shoney’s for details.

Are Shoney’s Buffet Prices Different For Children?

Yes, Shoney’s buffet typically has discounted prices for children. Children under 4 often eat for free with a paying adult. Check with your local Shoney’s for exact pricing.

Can You Get Takeout From Shoney’s Buffet?

Shoney’s offers takeout options, but buffet items may be limited for to-go orders. You can order from the menu for more takeout choices. Verify with your local restaurant.


As you plan your next visit to Shoney’s, remember their buffet schedule is key to a delightful dining experience. Check online for the latest timings to align with your cravings. Enjoy the variety, freshness, and friendly atmosphere unique to Shoney’s.

Savor every bite, every visit.


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